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The Spin The Orange App is Available now in the Google Play Store - Download for Free!

App for AndroidTM

Spin The Orange is available now for download from the Google Play Store.

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Using Spin The Orange

We ask that you use the app in a responsible manner. We aim for the challenges to be fun - but please make sure that you do not encourage anything that is dangerous or irresponsible.

All About the Spin The Orange App

Here's everything you need to know about Spin The Orange

What's It About?

The App is currently only available for Android devices via the Google Play Store. Just click one of the download links, or search for Spin The Orange in the Store.

Spin The Orange allows you to take, share and watch videos based around challenges. To use it, you will need a Facebook login and a whole heap of imagination.

Getting Started

screen 1

  • Download the app to your phone
  • It's all completely free - there are no in-app purchases either
  • Start the app, and you'll see the screen on the left
  • Enter your Facebook user name and password, and off you go!
Once you've logged in, you can start creating your own obscure challenges like 'Paper Throw' and 'Potato Keepy Uppies'.

Then, you can challenge your friends to beat your score.

Don't forget to post your failure videos as well - we all know there's nothing better than watching your friends fall flat on their faces!

Using Spin The Orange

demo-pic The 'My Challenges' screen shows the challenges you've created. It also shows where you rank in each of your challenges (if you're not number 1, then what are you playing at?)

Swipe to show the 'Friends' screen. This shows (you guessed it!) your friends. It also shows how many challenges they've done. Click on your friend and browse through their attempts.

Swipe again to show the 'Challenges' screen. This lists all the challenges currently loaded. Use the 'Sort By' button to help you find the ones you want.

Once you've created a challenge, or had a go at one that someone else has created, let your other friends know by clicking 'Invite Some Friends' and share the fun.

Get in touch

Feel free to share any feedback with us via our Contact page. Also, let us know which challenges you think we should share on the Spin The Orange Facebook page, so we can advertise your successes (or failures!) to the world.



'Potato Keepy Uppies' anyone? Set challenges for others, or have a go at a challenge youself.

video camera


To have a go at a challenge, record a short clip and upload it via the app. To make things easy, you can even record and upload inside the app.

gingerbread men


Invite your friends. Let them know about the challenge you just created, or see if they can beat your latest attempt at a challenge.


Spin The Orange

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